Round Lake Designs

Hello everyone,

I am Tim K and I have been using and Round Lake Designs as d/b/a business names since 2002. I even operated a trucking freight company called Round Lake Freight for five of those years.

At some point, I will figure out what to do with this blog. I might start posting entries on items that amuse or interest me.

I often get asked for advice on startup company (aka entrepreneur) activities and I usually can give people some interesting perspective on their company ideas. Hopefully, I will get inspired to write down my most common bits of advice for a later blog post.

Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed.

Feel free to reply – if your post is boring, insulting, or irrelevant, I will delete it. No harm done. [Edit: The reply queue has been getting spammed, so sorry, any replies will need to be sent to me via email. You can guess my email address.]


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